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STOP: before you even think of shopping anywhere else!!! I am a 60 year old rock n roll enthusiast. I would consider myself as a veteran cosmic rocker who enjoys his Alice Cooper or Jethro Tull or what ever hard rock I may want to be cranking at all times while in my car to be loud but crisp and clean. Extreme Audio "is" the only place anyone should ever bring there car or truck for the finest high performance sound you will find on this planet, period. I am also a bit of a kind of guy that enjoys feeling good about the people I am doing business with and handing money to. Rob Lewis couldn't be any nicer to a customer if he tried and the experience and knowledge he has obtained over his longevity is too good to even put in words, just go see for yourself. I watched him over the years treat all of his customers in a way in which deserves this testimonial. He has done every car I have had since he has been in business, (which seems like a hundred years) and I have been blown away with every single one. Now lets get into the shop. Shawn and the rest of his crew are insanely professional and as detailed as there is to be found. I am talking, sickly detailed! I do not normally take the time to right something like this but after getting my car back yesterday from another pro job I feel very compelled to tell as many people about Extreme Audio & Performance as I can. This is the place people. Barry W Silkowski

Posted By: Barry W Silkowski

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